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Summer Vacation in Wine Country

With spring in full swing and summertime in our collective sightline, I am pretty sure we’re all chomping at the bit for some time off to relax and renew. Since we still have a few weeks left to go before we leave on vacation, why don’t

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Meet the Twins

I like the fact I get to meet a lot of different winemakers. They’re creative types, focused on crafting beautiful wines. They come in all shapes and sizes of course. They’re young, they’re old, they’re funny, they’re serious…but unt

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Keyways Welcomes new Winemaker

Time moves on, seasons change, and it’s seems inevitable that winemakers will come and go. So it is that David Raffaele, formerly part of the winemaking team at Maurice Car'rie and Van Roekel Vineyard and Wineries, has been selected as

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Meet Ms Inspiration!

I really love a bottle of wine that is not only good, but has a story behind it too. That’s why it’s such a treat to introduce you to Gioia Wines and owner/winemaker Teri Love. Gioia is one of the new breed of wineries known as a “vir

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