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Casinos and Wine

Today’s casino is a rich tapestry of poker, entertainment, food and wine.  There’s a seductive aurora that greets you at the door, staying with you until you retrieve your car from valet parking. Somewhere between Pai Go

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Yin & Yang* in Wine Country

Vineyard owners know that Mother Nature can challenge the best agriculturalist. In 2011 it was a “perfect storm” of strong winds, hail, devastating frosts, thunder-storms, cool summer temperatures, heat spikes and then Septem

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Harvest Time in Wine County

In California September and October is the traditional time to pick grapes and make wine. The year of hard work managing a vineyard is rewarded when the fields are buzzing with tractors and gondolas, picking bins and grape shears and a t

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Missouri Wines On the Move Up

Well…I am impressed.  America’s first wine country not only boasts some solid wines, but also has its very own state grape glass – the Riedal Crystal Norton Wine Glass. Hardly anyone gets that, let alone a small w

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