Berselli And Olivieri 2013 Chardonnay Review

Berselli And Olivieri 2013 Chardonnay Review 20151222_193043.jpg Berselli And Olivieri 2013 Chardonnay Review 20151222_193231.jpg

How about a white wine that stands alone or with pairings on those nice spring or summer days? Chardonnays fit that bill and generally, cannot go wrong, however, you can definitely go right. The chardonnay by Berselli and Olivieri, did just that.

This wine is lightly bodied, semi-sweet with hints of pears and peaches. Each sip is consistent with very soft bubbles that tickle your tongue and goes down smooth with a slight acidity.

The wine can be either good as an afternoon refreshing drink on a light summer day with a cheese plate or chocolate truffles; or as a pairing with meals such as Italian dishes with light sauces (olive oil, marinara), quiches, pizza breads, summer risottos, salmon, or broiled chicken.

All Vineyards enjoyed this bottle of chardonnay, imported from Italy, done right, and highly recommend it for your next bottle either as a pairing or for your summer gatherings.

Suggested Retail Price: $24.99
Vintage: 2013
Total production: 12,000 bottles



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  •  By Manish

    Love the wine... amazing.