Chocolais Wine Review - An Adult Adventure

Chocolais Wine Review - An Adult Adventure Chocolais Chocolais Wine Review - An Adult Adventure Chocolais Tasting Group

I am thinking as a confirmed chocoholic there’s not much you can give me that I haven’t had “something like it” before. After all I’ve spent the majority of my life chasing the perfect chocolate fix.  I was wrong…so very very wrong.  Enter a blend of exquisite cream from Holland, decadent Swiss Chocolate and fine Italian white wine all rolled into a delicious blend called Chocolais.

I was first introduced to Chocolais at a writers’ wine tasting held aboard a Holland America Alaskan cruise. All I can say is love at first swirl, lust at first sip.  Surely the ultimate guilty pleasure was just redefined on my lips.  At 14 proof, 7 percent alcohol, Chocolais offers just enough elegant chocolate creaminess to engage the beginner…and reel in the aficionado.
This is one of the few adult chocolate beverages that can be sipped in the Jacuzzi, swirled on the patio, or served over a decadent vanilla ice cream.  I am also betting it will make an excellent Martini (see recipe below). 

Chocolais is making its debut at the 2012 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Convention in April of 2012. News on the grapevine is that this flawless balance between red wine, dark chocolate and cream will be rolled at under $12 a bottle.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I know that my Womens Wine Council (WWC)  have their ears, eyes and fingers crossed for wide spread distribution at an affordable price.  In a “sweet & sassy” WWC wine tasting a few weeks ago  it was the winner by a mile. I didn’t even have to stuff the ballot box to have my favorite win it was that good.

Take a look at their FaceBook page where you can share your own insights into this seductive drink,  recipes and your own opportunity to, “…grab your tiaras and feather boas and post a picture of yourself drinking Chocolais! We want to see just "How Rich You Can Get"!!!!!”  Now there’s a challenge I can get into.  Cheers!

Chocolais  Graham Cracker Kissed Martini

1 1/2 oz Grey Goose Vanilla flavored vodka
1 oz Chocolais®
6 large finely crushed  graham crackers
1 Hershey Kiss – split halfway to fit on rim of martini glass

Rim a chilled cocktail glass with finely crushed graham crackers. Mix vanilla vodka and Chocolais in shaker filled with ice.   Garnish rim with a Hershey Kiss.

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  •  By Nettie

    At first I thought it would taste too thin. But it is not. Anything heavier would be like drinking Baileys. It is great for relaxing and reading a good book ~ and it keeps me away from eating Dove candy!