Meet Ms Inspiration!

Meet Ms Inspiration! Gioia Zincandel

I really love a bottle of wine that is not only good, but has a story behind it too. That’s why it’s such a treat to introduce you to Gioia Wines and owner/winemaker Teri Love. Gioia is one of the new breed of wineries known as a “virtual” winery – meaning it doesn’t have its own brick and mortar building to make or sell its wine. This doesn’t mean it isn’t premium wine, just the opposite. I think some of the virtual wineries really benefit from this format as they can spend more time, talent, and treasure on the wine and promotion, instead of on a big facility, staff and daily worries.

The inspiration for Gioia was born from owner Teri Love’s son Tyler who passed away a few years ago in a tragic car accident. Gioia is in honor and memory of Tyler’s strength, his loyalty, how fiercely he loved life, his family, his friends, animals and his ability to embrace each day with open arms. I have to say, Mom does one heck of a great job in honor of her son.

Teri’s 2008 Paso Robles Zin is a rare beauty. Where many Zins go big fruit, big nose, big finish, this one takes a different more gentrified path. I think you’ll enjoy, as did Ginger and I, the unexpected, but delightful delicate rose petal scent, cassis and currant on the nose, followed by the smooth and balanced taste of figs, raspberries, cherry and a touch of vanilla on the palate.

Given its relatively low price of $20.00 and the fact that only 75 cases where made, this wine delivers the whole wine experience in a sassy kind of laid-back way. I’ve been waiting a long time to taste the return of the refined Zin. Thanks Teri! Find this wine via the Gioia Web site.