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I like the fact I get to meet a lot of different winemakers. They’re creative types, focused on crafting beautiful wines. They come in all shapes and sizes of course. They’re young, they’re old, they’re funny, they’re serious…but until this week…none of them were twins.

So it was a unique pleasure to meet twin winemakers, Nick and Brian Davis. Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, they’ve been farming most of their lives. They are fourth generation farmers, following the path of their parents and grandparents who began farming 35+ years ago. They both graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo a few years ago with degrees in viticulture, enology, and marketing.

So we have two young (26), smart and focused guys who love family tradition. Not so surprisingly they live together in an old family home in Madera. They’re part of the new generation of “virtual” winemakers who have decided to forgo the usual brick and mortar winery and tasting room. Instead they make their wine at a cental crushing facility in San Luis Obispo. They sell their wine via the Internet and some selected stores in Califorina. They promote their wines by participating in tasting events. I asked how they pick which tastings they want to attend. Almost on cue, they both said, "We try to go to tastings where we know our friends or family will be near by and can come out and help us."

I think it’s interesting to note that besides using a different type of business model, they also decided to focus on making a different type of wine. They told me they were interested in combining family history with a fun fresh kind of wine that would set them apart from the bizillion Cabs, Zins and Chards. So they decided to make pomegrante wine. Ah ha! I see I’ve surprised you.

Their wine is made from fresh pomegranates, never using concentrate or foreign juice. It’s not been pasteurized and it doesn’t include any artificial ingredients. The Twins control the entire wine making process from growing the fruit to harvesting to the fermentation and bottling the final product. They strive to grow the largest, juiciest, most color- perfect pomegranates available. Yup -- 100% Pomegranate wine.

At 12.6% alchohol it presents with a slightly sweet taste and a definte pomegranate nose. Do not think dessert style wine. It has a little residual sugar with a slight tartness. It’s actually quite a work horse. Served cold it lends itself to Asian food, lamb chops, duck , fish, and pears. It also takes well to being served over ice as a cocktail, or spritzed with Sprite or Perrier for an afternoon tea. It currently sells for $9.99 online. Coming Soon: A Pomegranate Sparkling wine.

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